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Application Cases of Expanded Metal Mesh on Building Facades and More Architectural Designs

Application Cases of Expanded Metal Mesh

Many people know more about metal expanded mesh than its use in the architectural industry as structural reinforcement and ceiling materials, but in fact, metal expanded mesh is also often used in the decoration of building facades. Compared to metal perforated panels, the lower price, low weight, richer three-dimensional visual effect, good overall feeling, does not affect the indoor lighting and ventilation, so it has become the choice of more and more architects.

Amazing facade application case of expanded metal mesh

Today we will introduce a few cases where metal expanded mesh has been applied.

Dokk1 Library in Aarhus, Denmark – Flat Monolithic

It is a collection of libraries, light rail stations, civic service centers and public parking lots, the largest library in Northern Europe and the largest construction project ever undertaken by the city of Aarhus. Located close to the port of the Aarhus River and the city, the architects wanted the building to form an important public activity center for the city and a link between the city and the port.

The facade of the building is aligned with the textures through the expanded metal mesh. It is because the expanded mesh itself has a very three-dimensional texture that the smaller joints visually disappear, forming a very complete interface and thus highlighting the rich form relationship of the building itself, imagine if the metal aluminum panels or metal perforated panels were used, the very obvious plate slits on the façade would be something the architect would not want to see. At the same time, by controlling the porosity and texture direction, the keel behind the material becomes imperceptible from a visual perspective, further strengthening the integrity of the facade.

As a completely public and open building, the outer skin of the building naturally follows the flow of space from the ceiling to the inner skin, wrapping the whole building inside and out. The open inner courtyard blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and it is the diverse possibilities of using metal expansion mesh that makes this design possible. The continuous and uninterrupted use of materials allows for a very natural transition of space and human flow.

Dogok Office Building Renovation – Flat Unit Type

The original building was a small four-story red brick building, which was designed as a folded fan shape because it was at the corner of the road.

The architect wraps the street section with a metal expanded mesh skin, giving it a new image while allowing the colors of the original building to be vaguely mapped through the perforations, creating a dialogue between the old and new buildings. With the folded form of the original building and the three-dimensional texture of the expanded mesh, the double skin provides different degrees of permeability from different visual angles.

The expanded mesh is divided into unit panels, and the use of light metal hemming is a good solution to the problem that the edges of expanded mesh often appear less refined due to the cutting process.

Different sizes of unit panels interspersed with transparent glass units create a rich façade effect. The reflection of sunlight during the day makes the building form steady and thick, while the projection of light at night makes it light and airy.

The light and shadow under the sunlight is also very attractive.

GH Genhelix Biopharmaceutical Center, Spain – Bending Variant Form

It is the first monoclonal antibody manufacturing center in Spain. As the building is located in the path of a high-speed train, the two building interfaces visible from the train became the main object of treatment for the architects, who needed to highlight the company’s corporate image without overly affecting the internal office functions, so the expanded metal mesh became the architects’ choice.
The white skin of the building serves as a transition between the building space and the external environment, creating a light and pure building that fully expresses the implied corporate spirit: health, cleanliness and quality.

The letters of the company logo are sprayed on the material by disassembling it to ensure that it can be seen in its complete state at different visual angles, and the advertising is done without any effort.

Since the metal expansion mesh itself is a three-dimensional form, in order to be able to bend the material to form a curvature, the architects chose a mesh with smaller pores and draws, thus avoiding the production of obvious holes deformation affecting the aesthetics, while ensuring that the communication between the internal space of the building and the outer environment will not be blocked as a result.

The office space is well lit during the day through expanded metal mesh and glass.

Considering the possibility of future expansion of the building, both the building block and the façade image are divided into modular units to control the cost while maintaining the precision of each element and allowing the building to remain in a flexible and growable state.

More ways you don’t know about metal expanded mesh architectural design.

You may think that metal expansion mesh is only suitable for small buildings?

In fact, it is also found in large sports buildings.

You may think that all metal expanded screens are high-caliber metallic colors or white?

In fact, it can also be cool to explode the earthy gold.

You may have thought the expanded mesh ceiling looked like this?

Actually it can also look like this.

You may have thought that expanded mesh fencing looked like this?

Actually it can also look like this.

It can also be used as a building railing.

Even sunshade louvers.

The above is the application style of metal expansion mesh in architectural design, have you learned? Designers?

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Rina Song

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