Barbed Wire

Galvanized Barbed Wire Roll

Barbed Wire Rolls (Galvanized or PVC Coated)

Dongfu wire mesh provides customized production of barbed wire with various specifications, styles, and strength grades to meet different application needs. You can get the most suitable price products with excellent quality from Dongfu. We will become your reliable supplier and technical support expert.

Barbed Wire Description

Barbed wire, as known as barb wire or bob wire, is a kind of fence wire with sharp barbs. Commonly used for boundary demarcation and property protection of farms and pasture.
It can be combined with a wooden fence post or steel post to establish a barbed wire fence, or it can be installed on top of various fences to enhance safety protection(such as chain link fence, wire mesh fence, farm fence).
It is a cost-effective fence protection solution that meets various agricultural or commercial needs.

  • MOQ: 1 Ton.
  • Delivery Time: 1 Ton order delivery on the same day.
    1 Container shipped within 7 days.
  • Sample Policy: The sample is free, but you should need to pay the freight.
    (The fee will be refunded in the official order).
  • Loading: 17 ~ 24 Tons / 20HQ.
    (Loading quantity depends on the packaging).

Steel Wire Grade

We provide three grades of steel wire materials for the manufacture of barbed wire. They differ greatly in strength, service life, and cost. You can choose according to your usage needs and budget, or request our opinion.

  1. Low Carbon Steel Wire: The most commonly used and most common material, which can meet most of the usage needs, is galvanized for anti-corrosion treatment. The tensile strength is 350-500 N/m².
  2. High Tensile Steel Wire: With higher tensile strength and strength, it also needs to be galvanized for anti-corrosion treatment. The tensile strength is 1100-1800 N/m². A stronger option.
  3. Stainless Steel Wire: Highest performance option. Stainless steel wire has the highest strength and hardness, and it does not need any surface treatment to keep it from being corroded. The service life is the longest, but the cost is relatively high.

Note: Some customers require different materials for line wire and barb wire to save costs. You can also make this request to us.

Barbed Wire Types

Our barbed wire provides three twisting methods and two barb styles.

Twisting Styles:

Single Twisted
Traditional Twisted
Reverse Twisted

Barb Styles:

4-point Barb
2-point Barb

Anti-Corrosion Treatment

The barbed wire made of low-carbon steel wire and high-tensile-strength steel wire needs to be coated with a zinc coating on its surface to prevent corrosion and prolong its service life.
Galvanizing is also divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing.
Among them, hot-dip galvanized barbed wire is relatively popular. It has higher zinc content and has stronger corrosion resistance and service life. Electro-galvanized has a low zinc content, poor corrosion resistance, and a short service life, but the cost is relatively lower.

  • Hot-dip galvanized normal zinc: 40 g/m²
  • Hot-dip galvanized high zinc: 200-300 g/m²
  • Electro galvanized: 15 g/m²

Note: The higher the zinc content, the stronger the corrosion resistance, the longer the service life, and the higher the cost.

Dongfu Barbed Wire Specification Datasheet

We listed the length and weight of each roll of barbed wire: 12-16.5 Wire Gauge, 4 Points, 5″(127mm) Barb Spacing. For more barb spacing specifications and 2 points barb wire data specifications, please contact us to calculate and get a quote.

  • Barb Spacing: 3″ (75mm),  4″(100mm), 5″(127mm), 6″(160mm)

Datasheet: (12-16.5 Wire Gauge, 4 Points, 5"(127mm) Barb Spacing)

Wire GaugeWire DiameterPointsBarb SpacingRoll LenghtRoll Weight
12 × 122.7mm × 2.7mm4127mm100m14.0kg
12 × 122.7mm × 2.7mm4127mm150m21.5kg
12 × 122.7mm × 2.7mm4127mm200m28.5kg
12 × 122.7mm × 2.7mm4127mm250m35.5kg
12 × 122.7mm × 2.7mm4127mm300m43.0kg
12.5 × 12.52.5mm × 2.5mm4127mm100m13.5kg
12.5 × 12.52.5mm × 2.5mm4127mm150m20.0kg
12.5 × 12.52.5mm × 2.5mm4127mm200m27.0kg
12.5 × 12.52.5mm × 2.5mm4127mm250m33.5kg
12.5 × 12.52.5mm × 2.5mm4127mm300m40.5kg
12.5 × 142.5mm × 2.0mm4127mm150m17.0kg
12.5 × 142.5mm × 2.0mm4127mm200m22.5kg
12.5 × 142.5mm × 2.0mm4127mm250m28.0kg
12.5 × 142.5mm × 2.0mm4127mm300m33.5kg
12.5 × 142.5mm × 2.0mm4127mm400m45.0kg
13 × 132.3mm × 2.3mm4127mm150m15.0kg
13 × 132.3mm × 2.3mm4127mm200m20.0kg
13 × 132.3mm × 2.3mm4127mm250m25.0kg
13 × 132.3mm × 2.3mm4127mm300m30.0kg
13 × 132.3mm × 2.3mm4127mm400m40.0kg
14 × 142.0mm × 2.0mm4127mm200m16.8kg
14 × 142.0mm × 2.0mm4127mm250m21.0kg
14 × 142.0mm × 2.0mm4127mm300m25.0kg
14 × 142.0mm × 2.0mm4127mm400m33.5kg
14 × 142.0mm × 2.0mm4127mm500m38.5kg
15 × 151.8mm × 1.8mm4127mm200m12.5kg
15 × 151.8mm × 1.8mm4127mm250m15.5kg
15 × 151.8mm × 1.8mm4127mm300m19.0kg
15 × 151.8mm × 1.8mm4127mm400m25.0kg
15 × 151.8mm × 1.8mm4127mm500m31.0kg
15.5 × 15.51.7mm × 1.7mm4127mm200m11.5kg
15.5 × 15.51.7mm × 1.7mm4127mm250m14.0kg
15.5 × 15.51.7mm × 1.7mm4127mm300m17.0kg
15.5 × 15.51.7mm × 1.7mm4127mm400m23.0kg
15.5 × 15.51.7mm × 1.7mm4127mm500m28.5kg
16 × 161.65mm × 1.65mm4127mm200m10.0kg
16 × 161.65mm × 1.65mm4127mm250m12.5kg
16 × 161.65mm × 1.65mm4127mm300m15.0kg
16 × 161.65mm × 1.65mm4127mm400m23.0kg
16 × 161.65mm × 1.65mm4127mm500m25.0kg
16.5 × 16.51.5mm × 1.5mm4127mm200m8.5kg
16.5 × 16.51.5mm × 1.5mm4127mm250m10.5kg
16.5 × 16.51.5mm × 1.5mm4127mm300m13.0kg
16.5 × 16.51.5mm × 1.5mm4127mm400m17.0kg
16.5 × 16.51.5mm × 1.5mm4127mm500m21.5kg

Packaging & Shipping

Barbed wire is usually packaged in rolls. There are two ways of packaging: in bulk or using wooden pallets.

In bulk: loaded the barbed wire rolls in bulk. (This way saves space)

Wooden pallet + steel belt: Place it on a wooden pallet and tie it with steel belt. (This way can be easily loaded and unloaded)

We also provide customers with a customized design of brand labels, as shown in the example below.

Provide some additional options to use barbed wire more conveniently.

  • Wood Spool
  • Handle

For more special packaging requirements, please contact us for customization.

Request A Quote

Dongfu Wire Mesh has rich OEM ODM production experience that will meet any of your needs. And to provide very competitive factory prices and stable supply capacity to ensure your interests.
In order to get the fastest quote for barbed wire, you can give us the following information as much as possible.

  • Material.
  • Wire gauge.
  • Zinc content requirements.
  • Packaging requirements.
  • Quantity.
Fill out the contact form below to contact our technical team to discuss any information about the product or get the latest quotation!


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