Case Appreciation: Light decorative performance of metal mesh curtains in interior design

The location of the project is close to Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. Considering the resources and vitality of the university city, the overall design hopes to show the integration of the sense of modern art and the sense of future. Amber implies timeless timeliness. Therefore, the concept of architectural ‘amber’ is adopted in the interior and soft decoration, and its shape, meaning and color are integrated into the space. From the perspective of time freeze and beauty retention, the art of design can reach daily life and create a transparent, warm and environmentally friendly beautiful living place.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Longhu & the sales office of Hong Kong sales office
  • Project Address: Chongqing, China
  • The Design Area: 1258㎡
  • Main Product: Metal Mesh Curtain, Fabric
  • Project Need: – The concept of “light decoration” is introduced in health paint, fabric and metal mesh curtain (soft decoration) based on the principle of environmental protection.
    – Application of a large number of curvature forms.
    – Introduction of natural light rhythm.
  • Project Commissioner: Longhu Group & Hong Kong Land
  • Interior Soft Decoration Design: Zest Art
  • Architectural Design: Hui Zhang Si Architectural Design

The interior design echoes and enhances the “future sense” of the building. Through the glass, the wall structure of the interior space is vaguely scattered. Bold use elastic excellent textile material as building extension, in at the same time, to insure the effect of fully completed building curtain wall decoration effect, mountains and the city relations in the gradation of freehand brushwork, sense of order and circuitous beauty, properly join the relationship between interior space and building shell, transition smooth fusion of art and aesthetics.

Good at the use of natural art, the spirit of art, pure sincere, smart and sentimental aesthetic into it. In terms of design techniques, we pay tribute to architect Zaha’s deconstruction and recombination of curves with irregular radian, wandering art and meandering aesthetics… Deduce the fluctuation of mountains, light and shadow clever space interest. From the point to the array of amber art lighting, enriched the three-dimensional image of the space, the bronzing tone and jade-like embellishment and harmony.

High integral space is hollow, design with subtle and balance the sequence boundary points and the style of different field, the sand area of beauty from material, lines, light and shadow of composite with thrust, reciprocating arc shape by twists and turns, into the art of nature, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting line winding mountain, sea of clouds, emptiness of abstract conception, like a ribbon to ponder the clouds, produce flowing with the wind, clearing the space of the rich texture.

In the negotiation area, the designer of zest art chooses the soft and ductile metal mesh curtain to enclose and shape the space with unique design language. Elegant champagne metallic color is transparent and have drooping feeling extremely, while fusing with the space, have a kind of hazy beauty that is like to be indistinct if appear and quality feeling.

Under the light and shadow, the space is like a time shuttle door, with numerous kinds of extension and changing possibilities, flexible curves, fuzzy boundaries and artistic resonance. In the process of dynamic and static mutual growth, the space style is cleverly and subtly presented.

The design of the water bar area is based on the local special topographic elements, incorporating rich hierarchical relationship intention. The stacked chandeliers and the round bar counter form an interesting contrast. The natural artistic conception and the object image contain without a trace, the amber element on the detail more space infuses a temperamental, has the strong and bright modernity.

Landscape book bar area is set next to the window, full of natural light, outdoor landscape plants…… The design builds a transparent spatial relationship, increasing the interaction between interior and exterior landscape, space and people. The large-scale artistic pendant continues the elements of the mountain city terrain, creating a natural mountain landscape with high and low stretches and distinct layers in the form of curves. The crystal pendant, which is clear and vivid, blends with the artistic language of contemporary design, giving people a very comfortable feeling with seven points of light and shade and three points of green.

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