Decorative Metal Curtain

Metal curtains for decorative purposes have become very popular in recent years. They are the best alternative to traditional fabric curtains and are mainly used for interior decoration and partitioning. Examples are ceilings in restaurants, screens in living rooms, wall decoration and division of large interior spaces, etc.

As a metal product, metal curtains not only provide decorative and aesthetic appeal, but are also very durable, will not be corroded by air and will not be easily damaged by man. What’s more, they all have excellent fire resistance, which is very important for any architectural design.

Dongfu Wire Mesh offers decorative mesh curtains in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and alloys, copper, brass, bronze and other special alloy materials.
The surface of the metal curtain can be in the original metal color or can be processed by us into various other colors according to your requirements. For example, black, white, golden yellow, red, etc.

A new type of metal wire mesh curtain widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design. Usually made of aluminum wire, which not only has a lightweight but also has the flexibility and foldability to replace the traditional cloth curtain.

Chain link curtain is made of 100% aluminum material. It is also a very popular high-end chain curtain for interior and exterior decoration. It has functionality and beautiful appearance as a decorative screen or partition, suitable for residential or various commercial places.

Stainless steel is usually the main material of the ring mesh curtain, it has excellent durability, gloss, and higher fire rating. There are also non-ferrous metal options such as copper, bronze, brass, etc. The purpose is that they have a natural metallic color to create a high-end appearance.


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