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Metal Chain Mesh Curtain

Metal wire mesh curtains look like a chain link fabric with mini meshes, which is a new type of decorative metal curtains widely used in interior and exterior architectural design. Also known as metal coil drapery or metal chain mesh curtains.

Metal Wire Mesh Curtain Description

As new types of high-end decoration products, metal mesh curtain is used for decorative applications in office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, concert halls, and other places. Due to its gorgeous appearance, practical functions, and economy, more and more designers choose metal mesh drapery as today’s decorative style.

This wire mesh curtain is usually made of aluminum wire, which not only has lightweight but also has the flexibility and foldability to replace the traditional cloth curtains. Especially its excellent fire retardancy, ventilation, and light transmission are unmatched by traditional cloth curtains.

Metal wire mesh curtains provide the following benefits:

  • Lightweight: Aluminum is one of the lightest metals, which can make the entire curtains lightweight.
  • Fireproof: Will not absorb gasoline or other flammable liquids, and will not be ignited.
  • Easy to Install: Very simple installation method, and can be spliced at the worksite.
  • Flexible: Can be easily contracted or expanded like traditional curtains in one direction.
  • Flow-through Design: Allow wind, sound, light, and air to circulate freely.
  • Elegant Appearance: Add mystery and artistry to the interior, and also protect privacy.
  • High Strength and Toughness: Not easy to break or be destroyed by sharp tools.
  • Economical: Wear-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and have a long service life. Acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance.

We have extensive custom design experience and can provide you with solutions for the use of metal mesh curtains in various architectural designs. Whether it is used for interior or exterior decoration, we will do our best to provide specifications and styles that meet your design requirements.

Range of Specifications

Main Material Aluminium wire or Stainless steel wire.
Wire Diameter 0.8 mm – 2.0 mm.
Aperture Size 3 mm – 20 mm.
Mesh Weight 1.7 kg/m² – 4.0 kg/m² (depending on size and material chosen).
Maximum Length (Height) ≤ 12M.
Width Customized according to requirements.
Surface Treatment Baking paint, anodic oxidation, acid washing.
Colors Customized on request.
Minimum Order Quantity 1㎡
Delivery Time 1 m² order delivery on the 2 days. 10 m² shipped within 7 days.
Sample Policy Customize the size and color according to the requirements. Sample is free, but you should need to pay the freight.
Loading Depends on length.By wooden boxes.

Material Options

The typical material for making metal mesh curtain is usually aluminum wire or stainless steel wire. There is no difference in appearance between the two materials, both with sexy lines and metallic luster.
The difference is that stainless steel coil drapery is more durable than aluminum coil drapery, it has higher strength and is not easily damaged. And The aluminum curtain fabric has the advantage of being lighter and more flexible. In addition, in terms of cost, aluminum is more economical than stainless steel. Therefore, aluminum wire material is a more popular choice.

  • Aluminum Wire
  • Stainless Steel Wire
Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Curtains

Chain Link Fabric Colors

Color is the factor that can most affect the decorative style effect. We provide unlimited color options for various design styles.  We usually use the following surface treatment methods to change the appearance color of the metal mesh curtains.

  • Anodic Oxidation: Using an organic solvent as a medium, anodizing uses a point discharge to form a protective film on the product surface. This coating is similar to a ceramic layer. Anodizing improves the corrosion resistance and durability of the product.
  • Acid Washing: Compared with other methods, acid washing is much easier. The theory of acid washing is to remove the oxide or inclusions on the surface. The color under acid washing can keep a long time without rust and fade.
  • Baking Paint: Baking paint is a general coloring way, which is spray lacquer on the surface and mixes the paint colors and then paints onto the metal coil drapery. After put color on the surface, the surface will be baking in high temperatures to get a durable color. The colors through baking paint will be bright and beautiful.

Aluminum wire fabric usually adopts anodic oxidation. The stainless steel material usually adopts the way of acid washing and then baking paint. Either way supports unlimited color options.
The following are part of the color show, and you can also choose more colors in Pantone Formula Guide Coated (Metallics Guide), and contact us to customize.

Application & Function

The function and use of the metal mesh drapery support it for much architectural decoration and architectural design, including Interior Partitions, Room Dividers, Space Dividers,  Space Privacy Protection Screen, Ceiling Wall, Door & Window Screen, Fireplace Mesh Screen Curtains, Wall Decoration, Metal Mesh Shower Curtains, Blast Debris Protection Screen, Day-lighting Screen, Lampshade, etc.

How to install metal mesh curtains?

Usually, the metal mesh curtains are installed on the wall or ceiling, we provide aluminum alloy track and stainless steel curtain rod for installation.

Aluminum alloy track:
The aluminum alloy track is the most ideal hanging system for installing metal mesh curtains. It is made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, and has excellent flexibility and tensile strength can be bent according to any wall design. It has rust resistance and corrosion resistance and can be coated white, brown, black, and brown to prevent them from environmental influences and mechanical effects.

Metal Mesh Curtain Track
Straight Track
Bendable Curtain Track
Curtain Track Systems

Stainless steel curtain metal rod:
The stainless steel curtain rod has higher strength and can bear more weight. It can also be bent, but it needs mechanical bending to a suitable arc. It is easier to install.

Stainless steel curtain rod
Stainless steel rod

Packaging & Shipping

The metal coil drapery is usually packaged in rolls, wrapped in bubble paper and transported in wooden boxes. The wooden box is customized according to the length of the net curtain, generally not more than 12 meters, otherwise, it cannot be loaded into the container.

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Dongfu Wire Mesh has rich OEM ODM production experience that will meet any of your needs. And to provide very competitive factory prices and stable supply capacity to ensure your interests.
In order to get the fastest quote for metal wire mesh curtains, you can give us the following information as much as possible.

  • Material.
  • Color.
  • Installation requirements.
  • Size (Length, width).
  • Quantity (Square meter).

You can also tell us what your specific application scenario is, where to install it or send us your drawings. Our product managers will match your needs with the most suitable solution.

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