Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtain

Mixed Color Ring Mesh

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtain (Chainmail Curtain)

Metal ring mesh curtain is a creative concept, a new decoration material for architecture, and interior and exterior design. Also often known as chainmail curtain. Many thousands of individual metal rings joined together to form a huge mesh curtain with a unique radiance. They are manually spliced or welded manually.

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtain Description

Compared with the chain curtain and wire mesh curtain, the material of ring mesh and the welded metal structure make it have higher tensile strength and can withstand large forces. Will not deform or become incomplete because of twisted, bent, elongated or strained.

Due to the advantages of the ring material, its fire rating and corrosion resistance are also the best among the three kinds of mesh curtains. The appearance color is usually the primary color of metal, silvery-white of stainless steel, or bronze, copper, or a combination of stainless steel and bronze/copper, the so-called bicolor.

Range of Specifications

Main Material Main stainless steel, steel, copper, bronze, brass.
Ring Size (Wire diameter, Aperture)0.53 mm × 3.81 mm, 0.8 mm × 8.0 mm, 1.0 mm × 10.0 mm, 1.2 mm × 12.0 mm, 2.0 mm × 20.0 mm.
Interface of Ring Welded ring or Non-welded ring. (They are all handmade)
Finish & Color Natural metallic color(polished, matte), Titanize, Chroming, Galvanized(Support any color).
Weight 3.5 – 6 kg/m².
Curtain Size The height is generally not more than 6m, too high will increase the weight and easily cause cracking. The width is unlimited and can be customized according to needs.
Minimum Order Quantity 1㎡
Delivery Time 1 m² order delivery on the 2 days. 10 m² shipped within 7 days.
Sample Policy Customize the size and color according to the requirements. Sample is free, but you should need to pay the freight.
Loading Depends on length.By wooden boxes.

Ring Size & Materials

Stainless steel is usually the main material of the chain mail curtain, it has excellent durability, gloss, and higher fire rating. There are also non-ferrous metal options such as copper, bronze, brass, etc. The purpose is that they have a natural metallic color to create a high-end appearance.

  • Stainless Steel (The most cost-effective and most commonly used option).
  • Carbon Steel (There is a big gap between performance and stainless steel, but the cost is the lowest).
  • Copper, Brass, Bronze (High-end appearance color option).
Stainless Steel Ring Mesh
Stainless Steel
Copper Ring Mesh
Bronze / Copper
Brass Ring Mesh
Brass Wire

Ring Size: The size of the ring affects the light transmission and weight of the ring screen. We offer the following options:

  • Wire diameter, Ring diameter
    0.53 mm × 3.81 mm,
    0.8 mm × 8.0 mm,
    1.0 mm × 10.0 mm,
    1.2 mm × 12.0 mm,
    2.0 mm × 20.0 mm.
  • More size can be customized according to requirements.
Ring Size

Interface of Ring

We provide two ring connection methods, non-welded and welded. Because they are all pure hand stitching processes, the cost difference between the two methods is large.
Generally, the non-welded connection method with lower cost can meet most needs, while the welded ring connection makes mesh structure is stronger and can bear higher weight without cracking, and the manual cost is higher.

Non-welded Ring
Non-welded Ring
Welded Ring
Welded Ring

Chainmail Curtain Colors & Styles

The most commonly used appearance color of the chainmail curtain is its metal primary color. Silver, red copper, yellow brass, and bronze colors. We can also polish the metal ring to make it more glossy. And can provide a combination of two different materials, the so-called bicolor ring mesh.

Copper Glossy (Polished)
Copper Glossy (Polished)
Copper Matte (Unpolished)
Copper Matte (Unpolished)
Bicolor Glossy (Stainless Steel + Bronze/Copper)
Bicolor (Stainless Steel + Bronze/Copper)

We also provide some special surface coating treatment methods to change the natural metallic color and have reached more color choices. The coating includes titanize, chroming, and galvanized. We support all RAL colors.

Chainmail Curtains Application Case Display

More and more residences, offices, commercial places, shops, and hotels are becoming popular with chainmail curtain. Architects and designers make use of the creative potential of the transparent formative ring mesh for individual plans in perfect harmony with the imposed task.
The multifunctional chainmail curtain is used for decoration, protection, and partitioning, including Internal and External Decoration, Divider or Background Decoration, Facades, Exhibition Design, Staircase Walls, Chainmail Fireplace Screen, Chainmail Shower Curtain, Chainmail Fly Screen, Door Curtain, Partition Curtain Wall, Security Areas, Shopfitting, Fence Fill Panel, Window Treatments, etc.
Can be used in many private residential or commercial places, including restaurants, hotels, office buildings, cafes, theaters, shopping centers, exhibitions, homes, etc.

Packaging & Shipping

  • Put ring mesh into a sealed plastic bag, then package sealed plastic bags into cartons or wooden cases according to your requirements.
  • Packaging chainmail curtain with waterproof paper or plastic film inside and outside with carton boxes or wooden cases at your requests.

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  • Material.
  • Ring Size.
  • Color.
  • Non-welded or Welded.
  • Mesh Curtain Size.
  • Any ideas or designs can be discussed with us.

You can also tell us what your specific application scenario is, where to install it, or send us your drawings. Our product managers will match your needs with the most suitable solution.

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