Perforated Metal Panels in Landscape Design (Multi Case Show)

Perforated Metal Panels in Landscape Design

Perforated metal sheets are made by metal stamping and sheet metal manufacturing process. Materials include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.

The porous materials are very flexible in fabrication, from lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural members. The greatest advantage of perforated metal panels in design is the ability to combine strength, function and aesthetics.

The material is relatively light and thin, and the surface holes are variable, so it is often used as a building skin to reduce noise and avoid direct sunlight.

It is a decorative material that can be customized in advance, for example, the specifications of the holes can be designed according to preference, such as round, square, triangular and pentagram holes, etc. The density of the holes can also be adjusted and changed, and after the arrangement and combination, it can form a pattern and present a rich façade effect.

Perforated metal panels are a very good option for achieving sustainable design goals. It provides a relatively private space inside the building without blocking the view of the interior users; it blocks some of the sunlight to provide a more comfortable light environment, while maintaining natural ventilation, and reducing noise and radiation. It regulates the climate and saves energy at the same time.

Moreover, perforated metal panels have a quality that other façade materials do not have. It is neither the full transparency of a glass façade nor the full closure of a brick façade, but rather a “semi-private” effect. Therefore, when the outdoor brightness is greater than the indoor brightness, people standing outside will only notice the overall pattern of the perforated metal façade, while the indoor looks hazy and blurred, in contrast, people inside can see the bright outdoor scenery, so cleverly using the visual choice of people, dealing with the transition between the inner and outer space — not only guarantees the indoor lighting, but also gives it privacy.

Perforated metal sheets can be designed with a wide variety of materials. Inspiration can come from various flora and fauna elements in the natural ecology.

The design can also be inspired by the world of modern composition or mechanical engineering.

The perforated metal sheet process also creates a unique effect with a concave and convex three-dimensional feel.

Even various figurative or abstract paintings are one of the sources of design inspiration; More in-depth is the ability to take elements from the spiritual and emotional world.

Perforated metal panels are widely used in various elements of façade design. For example, it is applied to various landscape and building facades or decorative walls.

It can be applied to various landscape corridors and various decorative screens above.

It can also be used to decorate various gates and fences.

As well as for various signs, lamps, sitting stools and sculptures, etc.

Finally, we share a few designs of perforation patterns.

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