Perforated Aluminium Sheet

Aluminum Perforated Metal

Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheets

Perforated aluminum sheet is a very popular option. It is lightweight, durable and decorative, providing the desired appearance and performance for a variety of uses and application environments.
Moreover, the aluminum perforated sheet does not rust. It forms an oxide skin when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, which provides it with excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, it does not require any anti-rust coating and maintenance during its entire service life.
And for decorative applications, it can be anodized to improve color and strength, or with a number of surface treatments to achieve your desired effect, such as bright and high polish, reflective or lusterless polish, etc.

Dongfu Wire Mesh can provide you with a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns of holes in aluminum panels, providing you with excellent options for any type of design. Whatever the application, we can provide a one-stop service for your perforated aluminum sheet needs.

Advantages of Aluminum Perforated Metal

  • Naturally lightweight
  • Highly ductile and easy to work with
  • Highly reflective of heat and light
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Durability and longevity
  • Economical and cost-effective material
  • Multiple colors can be created by anodizing to provide strong decorative properties

Aluminum Perforated Sheet Applications

The perforated aluminum sheet is a complement to any structure, and its uses are almost limitless, both for functional and aesthetic reasons.

  • High ductility and reflection of heat and light make it widely used for wall or ceiling panels, sunshades for decks, etc.
  • Its perfect filtration properties and non-toxic characteristics allow it to be used as a drying sieve, production filtration, especially in food processing.
  • Decorative architectural elements for interior and exterior.
  • Walls and ceilings for noise suppression.
  • Partitions for privacy screening applications.

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