Steel Palisade Security Fence

Steel Palisade Security Fence

We provide customized wholesale of palisade fencing. According to your project requirements, fences of 1 to 6 m high and 1 to 3 m width can be customized, and they can be installed on flat, inclined, or undulating ground. The standard surface treatment is long-lasting corrosion-resistant galvanizing in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461, or we can add a variety of standard or customized color polyester powder coatings.

  • MOQ: 50 Sets
  • Delivery Time: 50 Sets order delivery on the 2 days.
    1000 Sets shipped within 10 days. (We always keep stock)
  • Sample Policy: One set sample is free, but you should need to pay the freight.
    (The fee will be refunded in the official order).
  • Loading: About 700 Sets / 40HQ.

High Security Steel Palisade Fence Description

As an effective safety fence, palisade fencing is a widely used type in the world. The sturdy vertical steel panel is fixed on the horizontal rail and then installed on the RSJ steel support column. Designed with smooth surface, rigidity structure, sharp prongs and narrow pale spacing. And difficult to cut and climb because of the high-strength materials and lack of footholds.

These make it provides higher security and anti-vandal ability. When the main attention is to prevent intruders from entering, palisade fences become one of the best choices for house protection.

We supply palisade fence in kit form, usually are composed of palisade pales, palisade rail, palisade post and fence accessories including fish plates, post clamps, bolts and nuts. Palisade pales are available in D section, W section and angle steel types. All the pales are bolts to two horizontal palisade rails as standards. Once the fence height is over 3 meters, one more palisade rail is needed to maintain the integrity for higher security.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fence Panels

Steel palisade panel is an effective and attractive security barrier. The panel structure is firm and has secure steel pales that will not be easily cut or damaged. And according to the requirements of safety and architectural beauty, a variety of head style designs can be adopted.

Pale Sections:

Typically palisade pales are supplied with three types of vertical pale profile: D section and W section, angle steel style, which are engineered with inherent strength and high resistance to attempts of pry, impact, bending, dismantle installation and dislocation.

D Section Pales

D section pales, working with long bolts, are designed for boundary delineation requiring low to medium security and damage resistance.

W Section Pales

W section pales, with higher inherent strength and better vandal resistance, are the most used type to provide effective security and extra protection. Fastened by short bolts, the W type palisade pales are flush against the horizon rail without flexibility.

Angle Steel Pales

Angle steel pales, bolted or welded to horizon fence rail, are suitable for general purpose applications, such as residential estates protection.

Pale Head Styles:

Head Styles of W & D Section Pales

Head Styles of W & D Section Pales

Head Styles of Angle Steel Pales

Head Styles of Angle Steel Pales

Palisade Fence Rail

Also called as horizontal rails or crossbars, connect the palisade pales and posts together with the help of cap-head bolts and anti-vandal nets. They are manufactured of rolled steel angle and punched with holes for bolts and nuts, meanwhile, they are galvanized as standards and powder coated as your request.
Normally, two palisade rails are capable to fasten palisade fence in a height up to 3 meters. However, additional rail should be fixed if the fence is above that height for ensuring its integrity.

Two Palisade Rails
Two Palisade Rails
Three Palisade Rails
Three Palisade Rails
Four Palisade Rails
Four Palisade Rails

Palisade Fence Post

Connecting to horizontal palisade rails, are the necessary support of whole fence panels and determine the property of assault resistance. made from high-quality steel, these posts are extremely durable and robust to withstand the harshest damages. Catering for different needs, palisade posts are available in two fixing ways: concrete in and bolt down as shown in the right picture:

Concrete in palisade posts is the most used type complying with International Standards. The bolt down palisade posts with base plates are also popular for applications where the concrete in posts are not suitable, such as on the concrete ground. As your request, cranked wall mount palisade posts can be made to order.
Mostly, palisade post is manufactured from rolled steel joist or heavy-duty box section steel – that means there are two varieties of palisade posts: RSJ post and square posts (See below pictures)

Palisade Rsj Post
RJS Post
Palisade Square Post
Square Post

Fixings / Accessories

Bolts and Nuts (M8, M12) are usually used to fix panels to the palisade rail and palisade post, while Straight Fish-Plates are used for the link between the panel and the panel to increase the length of the overall palisade fence system.

M8 × 30mm for pale fixing
M8 × 30mm for pale fixing
M12 × 40mm for rail fixing
M12 × 40mm for rail fixing
Straight Fish-Plates for connect pale
Straight Fish-Plates for connect pale

Colors (Powder Coated)

Palisade fence panels, rails, posts and gates are all hot dipped galvanized complying with BS EN ISO 1461: 1999. then protected by exclusive Super-Durable powder coating. This coating provides longer protection from U.V. rays and salt spray than either E-Coat or standard polyester coatings.
The most important thing is that the color can be customized according to your use environment, we can be supplied in all colors according to international standard RAL Colors.

Palisade Fence Colors

Packaging & Shipping

1. Fence panels are wrapped with a plastic band, the plastic film then packed in a pallet to remain intact.

2. Each fence post is wrapped in a plastic bag, then panels are packed in pallet or in bulk.

3. Accessories are packed in plastic bags then put in cartons.

Palisade Fence Packaging

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