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Dongfu Wire Mesh: Customized Manufacturing of Industrial Wire Mesh and Various Metal Products

Dongfu Wire Mesh will be your most trustworthy supplier in China. We provide a wide range of metal products suitable for interior and exterior architectural applications, oil refining, mining, agriculture, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, heavy equipment, power generation, drilling, and other industries.

We have the ability to provide customized manufacturing of any of our products to meet your various project requirements. If you are not sure which of our products is best for your industrial metal product needs, we can help you. Please call +86 158 3286 8999 or send us an email to [email protected].

Stainless steel woven wire mesh is the most widely used woven mesh product. Has extremely high corrosion resistance and versatility. And is a very economical material. We provide 304, 316, 310, 430, 410 and other stainless steel grade materials

Copper is the second most popular material used in the manufacture of woven mesh. The unique metal color, corrosion resistance and conductivity are suitable for various architectural and industrial applications.

Brass wire mesh has strong wear resistance, hardness, and tensile strength, suitable for various architecture industries and filtration applications.

The bronze wire mesh provides the bronze original metal color(dull-gold color) and has many of the same characteristics as copper wire mesh. It’s increasingly popular for decorative and architectural applications.

The welded wire mesh panel is made of the low carbon steel wire, has a larger diameter and a larger opening size. Have higher strength and more stable mesh structure. Suitable for high-security applications, such as fence panels, architectural grilles, guard screens, machine guarding, etc.

Welded wire mesh rolls are made of smaller diameter and smaller mesh sizes. Compared with welded mesh sheets, welded mesh rolls have better flexibility. Widely used in animal cages, bird cages, heat preserving wall, plant climbing support, etc.

Concrete reinforcing mesh is a welded wire mesh panel welded by steel bars. It has a high-strength and firm mesh structure, which can minimize concrete cracking and greatly improve the adhesion to concrete. Widely used to reinforce building foundations, roads and bridge decks.


The metal bar grating with high strength and solid structure is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Widely used in various uses, such as stair treads, sidewalks, platforms, floors, various cover plates, wheeled equipment, safety screens, heavy structures, etc.

Expanded metal is a multifunctional building material with a decorative appearance, high strength, and rigidity. Commonly used in building facades, ceilings, infill panels, Room dividers, and other applications.

Perforated metal is one of the most versatile and popular building materials. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, good light transmission, and ventilation. Perforated metal sheets are often used for architectural metal and decorative metal purposes.

A new type of metal curtain widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design. Usually made of aluminum wire, which not only has a lightweight but also has the flexibility and foldability to replace the traditional cloth curtain.

Chain link curtain is made of 100% aluminum material. It is also a very popular high-end metal mesh curtain for interior and exterior decoration. It has functionality and beautiful appearance as a decorative screen or partition, suitable for residential or various commercial places.

Stainless steel is usually the main material of the ring mesh curtain, it has excellent durability, gloss, and higher fire rating. There are also non-ferrous metal options such as copper, bronze, brass, etc. The purpose is that they have a natural metallic color to create a high-end appearance.

The more popular temporary movable fence in the Canadian market is welded by square tube frame and wire mesh panels. It is easy to install and remove is an excellent temporary peripheral security solution for any event or workplace.

Australia temporary fence is manufactured with high-quality low-carbon steel round tube fence frame and welded wire mesh panel, which is hot-dip galvanized after welding. The temporary fence is usually used in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Chain Link Temporary Fencing is composed of chain link fabric and round tube frame, with a solid base support at the bottom. Suitable for rapid application and temporary fence projects. It is convenient and reusable.

Crowd control barrier is a reliable temporary movable barrier used to provide safe, protected, and controllable temporary protection systems for pedestrian vehicles within the designated area. 

Chain link fence is a type of woven fence twisted and knitted by chain link fence machine. Chain link fabric is beautiful diamond patterns, usually made of the low-carbon steel wire with galvanized or PVC-coated surface treatment.

Bending Mesh Fence

3D Welded Wire Mesh Fence

3D security welded wire fence features pressed horizontal “V” shaped beams, in which a horizontal wire spans the entire width of the panel that could provide added strength and rigidity.

358 anti-climb fence is a high-security anti-climbing and anti-cutting welded wire fence. Galvanized wire, commonly, is welded into fencing panels with extremely fine opening holes, which cannot be penetrated by hand fingers or cut by bolt cutters.

Steel palisade fencing is the most popular choice for the areas which require high level of security and vandal resistance. The Steel Palisades are used as perimeter fence for protecting schools, industrial sites, and different types of premises.

Razor wire is consists of sharp razor blades and steel wire, which is a passive safety product with extremely high safety. It is widely used for property protection and border protection in residential areas, commercial areas, factories, military bases, prisons, mining areas, and borderlines.

Barbed wire is a kind of fence wire with sharp barbs. Commonly used for boundary demarcation and property protection of farms and pasture. It is a cost-effective fence protection solution that meets various agricultural or commercial needs.

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