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Crowd control barriers, also known as pedestrian barriers or bike barricades. It is a reliable temporary movable barrier used to provide safe, protected, and controllable temporary protection systems for pedestrian vehicles within the designated area. The barrier can be installed quickly and easily, a continuous obstacle wall can be established between pedestrian traffic, emergencies, and certain possible dangers in a very short time, thereby protecting people’s safety.
Our crowd control barriers are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel and can maintain excellent corrosion resistance in any weather conditions. The fence panel is manually welded by our professional workers to ensure its strength and stability. All roadblocks have feature double interlocking hinge points, which can be connected to each other simply and quickly to form a larger obstacle area. The feet of the panel is removable and customizable, and different styles can be selected to suit various flat or uneven terrain.

  • Ideal crowd control barrier for separating or managing areas with large populations.
  • Removable feet and easy interlocking system for quick installation and unlimited connections.
  • Hand welded strength and structurally stable panel.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing after welding for longer service life.
  • The sturdy and lightweight frame is designed for rapid deployment.
  • Removable feet for stacking and storing ease.
  • Fixed feet for faster deployment.
  • Flat feet or claw feet is optional, for flat or uneven terrain.

Dongfu Wire Mesh can provide customized production of various types of crowd control barriers for different needs of customers. Our products will be maintenance-free, stable, and long-lived, and can be used for long-term use or rental. Here’s why you should choose us as your reliable supplier:

  • Unlike other manufacturers, we have over 10 years of global overseas sales and service experience.
  • You get more customization options here than our competitors provide. (Fence size, feet style, colors, and your brand sign, etc.)
  • You will get high-quality products that will stand the test of harsh environments and time.
  • We provide the most affordable factory prices to guarantee our customers’ profit margins.
  • We provide free samples to our customers when you want to try to cooperate with us.

Barricade Panels

Simple and Effective Interlocking Design:

Hook: Made of 12mm solid round bar, the 30 bends in the top male hook, prevents frames from being lifted out of position.

Ear: Made of 4.0mm flat plate and made in shape v welded the frame.

  • Hook size: Length: 13cm, Width: 3.5cm
  • Ear size: Length 7cm, Width:4.0cm.

The interlock “hook & ear ”system easy to fast installation.

Surface Treatment:

We provide hot-dip galvanized, powder coating or PVC coating, and anti-rust paint coating surface treatment to ensure the corrosion resistance and durability of the fence panel. And all RAL colors are available.

Hot-dip galvanized surface treatment can form a complete anti-rust seal for the entire panel, which helps to extend the service life and reduce corrosion. This is the most commonly used method.

Powder coating or PVC coating, and anti-rust paint coating surface treatment further enhance the corrosion resistance of the entire barricade and support a variety of colors.

Panel Specifications:

We provide customizable barricade panel specifications, and the following specifications are more commonly used.

Hot Panel Specifications

Length (mm) Height (mm) Frame Tube (mm) Inner Tube (mm) Spacing (mm) Weight (kg)
2200 1100 25 × 1.5 20 × 1.2 200 18.5
2300 1100 32 × 1.5 20 × 1.5 100 18.5
2000 1100 38 × 1.5 16 × 1.0 110 13.0
2000 1200 40 × 1.5 16 × 1.0 110 15.0
2400 1200 40 × 1.5 25 × 1.2 200 23.0
2500 1100 40 × 1.5 25 × 1.2 115 22
2500 1000 40 × 1.5 25 × 1.2 115 16

Standard for Different Country

Items Length (mm) Height (mm) Frame Tube (mm) Inner Tube (mm) Spacing (mm)
Common Size 2250 2300 25 × 2.0 20 × 1.5 110
Australia 2200 1100
USA 2500 1100
Malaysia 2000 1300
Singapore 2000 1200
Israel 2000 1100
Ireland 2300 1100

Barricade Feet

Crowd control barrier base also has many options, including removable and fixed. Removable for easy storage and stacking, fixed will increase deployment speed. And there are some common types:

Cross Feet

Flat Feet

Bridge Feet

Wheel Feet


Crowd Control Barrier Signs

Connect the iron plate sign to crowd control barricades with nuts and bolts, It can be made into any logo pattern to promote your brand.

Crowd Control Barrier Laser-cut Signs

This Laser-cut signs and crowd control barriers are welded together, it is permanent. You can engrave the parameters of the barriers or your logo on it.

Reflective Barricades

Spraying steel barricades into a variety of bright colors is an effective method to identify it, and is usually used for traffic cones.

Barricade Covers

Crowd control systems are often used in places with large crowds, which is an ideal advertising position. Barricade covers can help you do more branding, advertising, or guide pedestrians to designated places.

Request A Quote

Dongfu Wire Mesh has rich OEM ODM production experience that will meet any of your needs. And to provide very competitive factory prices and stable supply capacity to ensure your interests.
In order to get the fastest quote for crowd control barrier, you can give us the following information as much as possible.

  • Galvanized or PVC coated
  • Color.
  • Panel Size.
  • Feet Styles
  • Quantity (Set).
Fill out the contact form below to contact our technical team to discuss any information about the product or get the latest quotation!

50 Sets

Delivery Time

50 Sets order next day delivery.
1200 Sets order shipped within 7 days.
(We always keep stock)


T / T, L / C at sight, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.
Support Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Orders.

Sample Policy

50cm × 50cm size samples, it is free, but you need to pay the freight
(The fee will be refunded in the official order).


About 650 Sets / 40HQ.


Technical Specifications
Main Material:Q235 Steel Tube, Galvanized Steel Tube, Stainless Steel Tube
Surface Treatment:Galvanized Tube + Anti-rust paint coating.
Galvanized Tube + powder coating or PVC coating(The color is selected according to customer requirements, usually bright and obvious color).
Steel tube hot-dip galvanizing after welding
Fence Length:2000mm, 2100mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2900mm
Fence Height:1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1800mm
Frame Tube:Diameter:25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 42mm, 48mm
Thickness: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
Inner Tube:Diameter: 16mm, 19mm, 20mm
Thickness: 0.8mm,, 1.2mm, 1.5mm
Spacing: 60mm, 100mm, 110mm, 190mm, 200mm
Flat Feet:600mm × 100mm × 4mm
600mm × 80mm × 5mm
Cross Feet:32mm(OD) × 1.2mm(Thickness), 310mm(L) × 219mm(L)

Packaging and transportation

50 barriers per pallet, fixed with steel belt.

  1. The layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of the pallet, which can protect the last barrier;
  2. The small piece of carton paper between every two barriers to prevent rubbing against each other;
  3. And also carton paper under the steel belt, prevent abrasion;
  4. Finally, all barriers will be packed with several layers of plastic film.

We can pack according to the customer’s requirements.

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