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Use temporary fence to create a removable protective area to protect your construction sites. As a fence manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in production and export, Dongfu wire mesh offers factory-priced, high-quality temporary fence solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • MOQ: 50 Sets
  • Delivery Time: 50 Sets order delivery on the same day.
    1200 Sets shipped within 3 days.
    (We always keep stock)
  • Sample Policy: One set sample is free, but you should need to pay the freight.
    (The fee will be refunded in the official order).
  • Loading: About 410 Sets / 40HQ
  • Customization Options: Panel Size, Finish Method, Panel Color, Accessory Options, Brand Label, etc.
  • Supply Capacity: 8,000-10,000 Sets / Month (Custom orders and stock orders)
  • Stock: 6’×9.5′ Fence Panel, PVC or Powder Coated, Yellow (1,200 sets can be delivered in 3 days)

Welded Wire Temporary Fencing Panels and Accessories for Canada: Custom Manufacturing, Wholesale Sale, In-stock Availability

Canada Temporary Fence Description

This removable temporary fence is also known as construction fence, portable fence or temporary security fence. It is welded by a square tube frame and wire mesh panel. And connected to each other through the top connector, metal feet, and other accessories to form a complete temporary fence system. When permanent fence installation is not feasible, temporary fence is an excellent alternative to address peripheral safety.
Unlike galvanized round tube temporary fences and chain link temporary fences, this type of temporary fence is particularly popular in Canada.

The temporary fences we provide can be used for Construction and Demolition Sites, Emergency Scene Perimeter, Renovation and Pool Installations, Temporary barriers to important gatherings, festivals, sports events, etc. It is very suitable for construction sites, crowd control, paving, landscape protection, outdoor retail areas, and any type of special activity. The removable fence system that is easy to install and remove is an excellent temporary peripheral security solution for any event or workplace.

What will you get?

  • You’ll get products that will stand the test of time and bad weather, we have strict testing and quality inspection processes to ensure.
  • You do not need to buy from the middleman, directly to get the factory price, all our temporary fence products will meet your requirements at a very competitive price.
  • A reliable supplier, we provide stable supply capacity for all customers, we have long relationships with many fence renters and wholesalers in Canada.
  • Products in stock that can be received quickly(usually common size), or custom manufactured fence products to meet special requirements.

Learn more about our construction temporary fence product.

Temporary Fence Panels

The temporary fence panel is made of welded wire mesh panel and square steel tube frame welded. The materials are all low carbon steel. Then through galvanized, powder coated, PVC coated surface treatment methods to achieve anti-corrosion effect. Ensure its durability.

Panel Specifications

Some of the most commonly used panel specifications, usually we have a large inventory of these popular specifications. The order can be shipped the same day.

  • Standard Panel Size: 6’×9.5′ (182.9cm×289.6cm)
  • Available Panel Sizes: 6’×4′, 6’×6′, 6’×8′, 6’×10′
  • Wire Diameter: 2.9mm-3.5mm (0.118′-0.13′)
  • Mesh Size: 50×100mm(1.97’×3.94′), also supports customization
  • Frame Border Pipe: 25×25×(1.2mm-2.5mm thickness)
  • Horizontal Middle Brace: 20x20x(1.0mm-1.5mm thickness)
  • Available Colours: Safe yellow, orange, green, blue, red, black, etc.
Temporary Fence Panel Powder Coated Workshop

Surface Treatment

We have three anti-corrosion treatment methods available, you can choose according to your budget and needs.

  1. Galvanized After Welding: After welding into a fence panel using wire mesh panel and square tube frame, then Hot-dip Galvanized and then Powder-coated or PVC coated. This process can effectively prevent acid rain ultraviolet radiation corrosion. Has top corrosion resistance, but is also the most costly.
  2. Galvanized Before Welding: Use hot-dip galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized tube frame welded into a fence panel and then powder coated or PVC coated. This way the cost is lower, medium corrosion resistance.
  3. Only galvanized, no powder coating or PVC coating. The color is only silvery-white, with the lowest cost and general corrosion resistance.
Galvanized Temporary Fence
Galvanized Temporary Fence
PVC Coated Temporary Fence
PVC Coated Temporary Fence

Panel Welding Method

Welded Inside the Frame
Welded Inside the Frame
Welded On the Frame
Welded On the Frame

Gate Panel

We also offer customized options for gate panels in heights from 6′ to 8′. With standard lengths of 9.5′. 

Allow easy access to your site or enclosure by adding a gate for the fence system. Quick, easy, and secure.

Gate Wheel System

Wheel Feet

Attach our gate wheel system to one or two temporary fence panels to create a swing gate for easier access by vehicles or groups. The large rubber provides durability on rough terrain. Interior wheel assemblies can also be used on concrete floors when panels and gates are used to separate interior spaces and warehouses.

Temporary Fence Accessories

We also offer a complete range of accessories for temporary fencing systems, for all kinds of use requirements. The color and finish of the accessories are the same as those of the fence panels.

Temporary Fence Top Connector

Top Connector

Insert the connector at the top of the fence to securely attach temporary fence panels together. These top connectors are available in solid or hollow steel and can be hot-dip galvanized or PVC coated, powder-coated finish.

  • Connection Top Size: 100mm(length) × 22mm(width) × 10mm(thickness)
  • Left Round Steel Insert: 21.6mm(diameter) × 150mm(height)
  • Outside Square Steel Insert: 21.7m

Solid steel for better stability, Hollow steel has a lower cost.

Temporary Fence Panel Stand

Fence Feet, Panel Stand

Fence feet are used to support fences, which are easy to disassemble and install. It is also can be galvanized or the same anti-corrosion treatment and color as the fence panel.
Made from 6 mm solid or hollow steel and with a steel plate length of over 85 cm, it provides a solid base for the fence.

  • Feet Size: 600 – 870mm(length) × 120-160mm(width) × 5-10mm(thickness)
  • Inside Round Steel Insert: 22mm(diameter) × 160mm(height)
  • Outside Square Steel Insert: 22mm × 22mm × 160 mm(height)
  • Square Steel and Round Steel Spacing: 40mm
Extension Connector

Extension Connector

Securely join two panels together to create new configurations and options – increase the height of the fence, add a roof to the enclosure, or securely join them together in a new configuration.

Security Stable Clamp

Security Stable Clamp

Bolted connections hold adjacent panels together to reduce the possibility of site entry or panel movement. Standard clips accommodate different floor heights and minor angle changes, mini clips take up less space and fit more closely to the frame – ideal for large doors and small panels.

Jersey Barrier Bracket

Jersey Barrier Bracket

A stable platform for laying panels on concrete jersey barriers. Securely fixed to the concrete jersey barriers. Available in off-the-shelf and bespoke size and bend options to suit any concrete barrier.

Wind Brace

Wind Brace

Options for support and brace fence panels in strong wind conditions, prevent the fence from being blown over or moved. Custom sizes are available for any height of fence panel.

Packing and Shipping

1. The layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of the pallet, which can protect the last fence;
2. Staggered placement of fence saves container space;
3. And also carton paper under the steel belt, prevent abrasion;
4. Finally, all barriers will be packed with several layers of plastic film.

  • Panels: 75 sets per steel pallet, other fence panels bulk.
  • Top connector: 20 pcs per carton.
Temporary Fence Packaging

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