Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh, which is also referred to as woven wire cloth or woven wire fabric. It is made by weaving metal wires of different materials through industrial weaving looms to a precise specification, similar to the process of weaving cloth.

This is an extremely versatile wire mesh product with thousands of different applications in a wide range of industries worldwide. Stainless steel wire is the most common material, but it can be made of many more metals.

Dongfu Wire Mesh is a leading manufacturer and supplier of woven wire mesh products in China. We have hundreds of sizes in stock for you to choose from, and we can also custom manufacture to your specified specifications or specific applications. Thousands of combinations of materials, wire diameters, mesh sizes and weaving methods are available.

Common Metal Materials Used to Create Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh manufactured from various grades of stainless steel wire. The most popular type, widely used in various industries.
It is also the most economical material with durable performance.
We provide 304, 316, 310, 430, 410, and other stainless steel grade materials.

Copper is the second most popular material used to manufacture woven wire mesh. Excellent electrical conductivity, second only to silver.
Its prominent uses are Signal Shielding, RFI Shielding, Faraday Cage HVAC and many other electronic basic applications.
We provide 99.999% pure copper for woven wire mesh.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that provides wear resistance, high hardness, and high tensile strength. As wire cloth, commonly used in filtration and separation applications, architectural and decorative uses.
We provide 270 brass (65% copper, 35% zinc) and 260 brass (70% copper and 30% zinc).

Bronze is also a copper-zinc alloy and is commonly used as 90% Copper and 10% Zinc. It has the same ductility and durability as copper, and has better corrosion resistance than brass.
Bronze wire mesh performs well in the marine environment and is less susceptible to corrosion. And it is also used for filter separation and construction purposes.

We also provide phosphor bronze wire mesh (94% Copper, 4.75% Tin, and .25% Phosphorous).

In addition, we can also provide some less commonly used special metal materials woven into wire mesh, including galvanized steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, silver, tungsten, molybdenumtitanium, etc.

Woven Wire Mesh Crimp and Weave Types

We provide a variety of designs and styles of woven wire mesh to meet different environments’ use needs. Weaving methods can change the design, strength, density, and rigidity of the woven wire fabric. Learn more about crimp and weave styles.

Woven Wire Weave Styles

Plain Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Plain Weave
Twilled Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Twilled Weave
Plain Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Plain Dutch Weave
Twilled Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Twilled Dutch Weave
Reverse Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Reverse Dutch Weave
Rectangular or Off-Count Weave
Rectangular Weave
Five Heddle Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Five Heddle Weave
Stranded Weave Woven Wire Mesh
Stranded Weave

Crimp Styles

Plain Crimp Wire Mesh
Plain Crimp Wire Mesh
Lock Crimp Wire Mesh
Lock Crimp Wire Mesh
Intercrimp Wire Mesh
Intercrimp Wire Mesh
Flat Top Crimp Wire Mesh
Flat Top Crimp Wire Mesh

Common Applications of Woven Wire Mesh

The universal nature of woven wire mesh makes it an excellent choice for a myriad of applications, and it can be perfectly adapted to a variety of architectural and functional uses through variations in specifications.

It can be found in almost every industry, including petroleum, chemical, environmental, aerospace, paper, electronics, metallurgy, food preparation, pharmaceutical, construction, household goods, automotive, and more.

Architectural Applications:

  • Woven Wire Mesh Fence
  • Wire Mesh Ceilings
  • Wire Mesh Wall Reinforcement
  • Architectural Grilles
  • Architectural Decoration
  • Handrail Infill Panel Inserts
  • Window and Door Insect Screen
  • Fireplace Screen
  • Ventilation Screens
  • Security and Anti-theft
  • Space Dividers and Displays

Filtration and Screening:

  • Air and Water Filters
  • Dewatering, Solids/liquid Control
  • Manufacturing of Various Filter Elements
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Oil Filters
  • Hot Gas Filtration
  • Process Screens and Centrifuge Screens
  • Fuel Cells and Mud Screens
  • Separator Screens and Cathode Screens
  • Filters and Strainers for Air, Oil, Fuel and Hydraulic Systems
  • Catalyst support grids

Household Goods:

  • Wire Mesh Grain Sieves
  • Coffee Filters
  • Wire Mesh Baskets
  • Food Strainers
  • Food Dehydration
  • Barbeque Grills
  • Speaker Grilles
  • Cabinet Door Filling

More Applications:

  • RFI and EMI Shielding
  • Radio and Micro-wave Screening
  • Transportation Belts


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