Brass Woven Wire Mesh

Brass Wire Mesh

Woven Brass Wire Mesh

Brass wire mesh, also known as brass wire cloth or brass mesh screen. In brass alloy, the proportion of copper and zinc is in the range of 60% -80% copper and 15% -40% zinc. It is a flexible material. As the wire mesh products, we provide three grades of brass alloy wire including 270 yellow brass (65% copper + 35% zinc), 260 high brass (70% copper + 30% zinc) and red brass (80% copper + 20% zinc). Among them, yellow brass and red brass are the more popular choices.

Brass Wire Mesh Description

Zinc in brass wire mesh is important as it provides added resistance and higher tensile strengths, it also hardens the mesh. In contrast, copper wire mesh is softer. For these reasons, it is used in filtration and separation applications. It also has the same flexibility and ductility as the copper wire mesh, but its corrosion resistance is far less than that of the copper wire mesh, and it is more easily eroded by ammonia, saltwater, and other similar salts. Electrical and thermal conductivity is also not strong.

But the brass wire mesh also has obvious advantages, with strong abrasion resistance, hardness, and tensile strength. This is because of the presence of zinc. The higher zinc content makes the brass wire mesh harder, stronger and more ductile. Brass wire meshes are stronger than softer copper wire meshes.

Under normal circumstances, brass wire mesh has a golden yellow colour. This unique colour is also an attractive choice for applications such as architectural decoration and creative use.

Brass Wire Cloth
Brass Wire Cloth
Small Brass Wire Mesh Roll
Small Brass Wire Mesh Roll
Fine Brass Gauze Mesh
Fine Brass Gauze Mesh
Brass Wire Mesh Sheets
Small Brass Wire Mesh Sheets

Range of Specifications

Main Material 270 Yellow Brass (65% copper + 35% zinc), 260 High Brass (70% copper + 30% zinc), Red Brass(80% copper + 20% zinc).
Wire Diameter Range 0.03-0.70mm.
Mesh Size Range Plain Weave: 6– 160 mesh, Twill Weave: Up to 280 mesh, Dutch Weave: Can be customized as required.
Width Range Usually 0.914-3 m, can be cut according to customer requirements, the minimum is 3 mm.
Length Range Usually 30 m, up to 150 m.
Mesh Type Generally 30m/roll, various shapes can also be cut as required.
Minimum Order Quantity 30㎡.
Delivery Time Stock orders are shipped on the same day, and custom orders are negotiated for delivery time.
Sample Policy 15cm × 15cm sample is free, but you should need to pay the freight. (The fee will be refunded in the official order).
Loading By wooden boxes.

Common Mesh Size

Features & Uses

Brass wire mesh has a wide range of characteristics:

  • 60-80% Copper + 15-40% Zinc.
  • Flexibility, better ductility, easy to bend and easy to form.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength.
  • Brass wire mesh is a quite hard material, very suitable for architectural applications.
  • The natural golden yellow metallic color is very suitable as decorative application.
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Corrodes when exposed to ammonia and other salts, but not easy to rust in most cases.
  • The cost of brass mesh is the lowest among all copper mesh products. When conductivity is not very important, the brass mesh is a good choice.

The characteristics of brass wire mesh make it used for filtration and separation applications in various industries. But like other copper mesh products, it is also commonly used in commercial, residential, architecture, and decoration applications. Due to its sturdy and wear-resistant characteristics and unique golden yellow, it is easily favored by artists, homeowners, and designers in the field of architectural applications.

Some common industries and applications that use brass wire mesh:

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